• In our offer we have:
    Wooden stages made of modules 2x1 m, which can be installed indoor and outdoor
    and metal stages with certificate of non-inflammability in modules 2x2 with regulated height.
  • Overhead protection for stages and ramps for the lightings.
  • Constructions are biult and ajusted to the perticular pary or an event.

Mobile stage, which adventage is that it can be assembled ald disassembled very quickly.

Since two years we've been putting up construction with stage for the Day of the Wanda Mound.
We?ve assembled construction under two multimedial screens which have been used during the Movie Marathones
at Nowa Huta on the Rose Parkway. Since 2002 we've been building stages for the
Akademia Górniczo Hutnicza for the St. Barbara Day.

Omega Stage Systems | 2007 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone | Podziekowania dla: Michała Bystrzyckiego i SilverCube